Business Law
In the area of business law, Vaughn & Hall focuses on the smaller businesses. The firm and our services have evolved with our clients’ needs. Our clients call on us for assistance with business and litigation issues. From the beginning stages when a business person must decide on the type of entity to choose to various licensing and other governmental regulatory hurdles they face, Vaughn & Hall, Attorneys counsel clients to help them make the decisions best
suited to meet their business and personal goals.

When resolution of disputes or litigation becomes necessary, we have the resources to protect clients’ rights and to defend against claims if they arise. From employment litigation to disputes over contracts or products, our attorneys have the trial experience and negotiating skills to settle cases before they go to trial or to litigate them at the trial court level and beyond to appellate courts if necessary. To name a few, the firm can assist you with issues relating to the following:

• Agency and Partnerships
• Breach of Contract
• Contracts and Conveyances
• Collections
• Dissolution and Termination of Corporations and Partnerships
• Non-Compete Contracts and Confidentiality Agreements
• Partner & Shareholder Liability

Real Estate Law
In this area, Vaughn and Hall can prepare your transfers of real property by warranty deed, quit claim deed, and deeds of trust (mortgages), and handle the closing of your contracts.

In real estate litigation, they can represent you in ejectment actions, actions to clear title to real property, boundary line disputes, easement disputes, uses, and other property rights disputes, such as partition suits for the division of real property among joint owners.
There are some business-related areas such as patent law, trademarks and copy-write and tax issues where we do not practice. For clients who need services in these areas, we associate or refer those clients to the best attorneys in this area in those fields that we work with regularly.