Jim C. Galloway

Richard F. Vaughn and Wm. Craig Hall entered the practice of law as associates in 1973 with their predecessor firm, Galloway & Clinton, Attorneys at Law, which traces its roots back to Lawyer Thomas Spraggins Gallaway of Gallaway, Fayette County, Tennessee, who was engaged in the practice of law in Somerville, Tennessee in the second half of the 19th century. He was shot at on the street in Somerville outside the Fayette County Courthouse in a gunfight over a legal matter he was advocating for his client.

Lawyer Tom Gallaway’s son, Alexander B. Galloway (he changed the spelling from Gallaway to Galloway) moved his residence from Fayette County to Memphis in 1905 where he continued in the practice of law at the Memphis Bar. The firm maintained offices in downtown Memphis throughout the 20th Century with a number of partners and associates through the years.

In 1930 Jim C. Galloway, 1910-1979, son of A. B. Galloway, and grandson of the colorful Fayette County attorney, earned his law degree from Cumberland School of Law at Lebanon, Tennessee. Mr. Galloway was 20 years of age and still legally a minor, so he petitioned the Shelby County Quarterly Court to remove his disability as a minor. The petition for his emancipation was granted, and Jim C. Galloway was permitted to take the Tennessee Bar for admission to practice law, which he passed. Mr. Galloway was licensed to practice law by the Board of Law Examiners on September 6, 1930. The young 20 year old lawyer entered his father’s firm, where he practiced until the outbreak of WWII. During the war, Mr. Galloway served with the United States Army in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps and both prosecuted and defended military personnel in Europe. After the war, Jim Galloway returned home and back to the law firm of Galloway and Galloway. The firm was in those days, as it is today, busy daily making appearances in all of the local courts of Shelby, Fayette, and Tipton Counties, as well as the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, the Supreme Court of Tennessee, and the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee and an occasional appeal to the United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 1957, Ike Rosser Clinton, 1901-1981, a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Law, entered the firm as a partner, and the firm name was changed to Galloway and Clinton. He joined the United States Army in 1943 and served his country throughout the duration of the war. In 1973, Richard F. Vaughn and Wm. Craig Hall joined Galloway and Clinton as firm associates.

In 1977 Mr. Vaughn and Mr. Hall were brought in as full partners. The law firm of Galloway, Vaughn, and Hall maintained offices both in downtown Memphis and in Collierville, Tennessee until merging the two offices in Collierville, on the Town Square at 116 Mulberry Street East to be more centrally located for the convenience and safety of the clientele moving out to the eastern parts of Memphis, Shelby, and Fayette Counties and north into Tipton County. The firm is logistically and centrally located for appearances in all of the courts of the tri-county area.